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USMC Physical Core Set

USMC Physical Core Set

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Core Set

  • HQ with a junior officer with pistol, platoon NCO with an M50 Reising, a Platoon Scout with a M1903 Springfield, and a messenger with a M1903 Springfield.  
  • 2 Rifle Squads (9 Figures each): Includes Corporal (Squad NCO) with M50 Reising SMG; 1 Bar Gunner; 1 Bar Assistant with M1903; 1 Grenade Rifle M1903 Marine; 5 M1903 Marines. 
  • 1 BAR Squad (8 Figures): Includes Corporal (Squad NCO) with M50 Reising SMG; 2 Bar Gunners; 2 Bar Assistants with M1903; 3 M1903 Rifle equipped Marines. 
  • M1919A4 Machinegun Team: Includes 5 crew and MG
  • M2 60mm Mortar Team: Includes 4 Crew and Mortar, Crates, Ammo
  • M2A4 Light Tank
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