Collection: Age of Bronze

3300-1200 BC

Covering the prehistoric period through the Trojan War, the Bronze age is the a time of civilizations growing into empires. The Egyptians, Sumerians, Akkadians, and Hittites all emerge from this era. In Greece, the Achaeans and the Minoans compete for primacy and the epics of Homer would be born at the walls of Troy at the end of the age. The Bronze Age Collapse which transitioned into the Iron Age is still a mystery. Civilizations collapsed and it would take centuries to reemerge from the dark ages that follow. The Trojan War could be one factor that led to it. While mythical, one common theme of the collapse was the emergence of the mysterious Sea Peoples, and many scholars speculate this confederation of invaders included Achaeans. In the legends, the aftermath of the Trojan War led to the ruin of not only the Trojans but many of the key players from the Achaean side as well. Our first range of this period is the Trojan War line and the Achaeans take the field as they approach the walls of Troy.