Studio Historia (Previews): What's coming up in 2023? The Pacific in Focus

Studio Historia (Previews): What's coming up in 2023? The Pacific in Focus


Going into 2023, the team decided we would focus on the Pacific for the year. In particular under developed early war and the conflict in China. Sons of Yamato: Imperial Japanese Army was our first full release via Kickstarter. 

Sons of Yamato Kickstarter Banner

Our second release for the Pacific will be the USMC and US Army at Guadalcanal that will be launching on June 01, 2023 on Kickstarter. 

First to Fight USMC Studio Paint Jobs

Resistance Philippines Line Art of the Last US Cavalry Charge.

After our June Kickstarter campaign, we will be working on releasing the first of our Resistance: Philippines 1941-1945 line with the first figures covering the Philippine Scouts and Philippines Army of December, 1941- April, 1942. Raphael has sculpted our first test models for each force, including the excellent US cavalry figure. 

26th Cavalry Regiment Philippine Scouts Test Model

Philippine Army Test Model in Dungarees

In addition to the Philippines range, we will also be releasing the first of our Dragon Roars: China at War. Our first releases for this range will be the German Trained Chinese Divisions of the Nationalist Army, and we will be expanding the range into regular and conscript armies into 2024. 


Finally, we will end the year out with our final campaign, Sons of Yamato: Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF), which will cover the SNLF from 1937 to 1942. With this campaign, all of the elements to run a full land battle campaign on Guadalcanal will be completed. 

And we'll just leave this last little nugget on something we're working on to compliment our World War II Lines. More on that later...


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