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Welcome to Studio Historia

From Bronze Age to Modern times, Studio Historia offers a wide range of quality miniatures made in our blended resin formula, designed to hold the maximum details and provide durability to the figures.

Check out our ranges below starting with our Age of Bronze line. Covering the prehistoric period through the Trojan War.

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Iron Age (1274-550 BC)

Dawn of Iron

Explore warfare in the tumultuous era after the Bronze Age collapse and the lead up to the mysterious cataclysm. From the titanic battle of Kadesh, through the brutal Assyrian Empire, This is the time of Philistines and the Kingdom of Israel. Explore our collection of extensive collection today.

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Classical Age (550 BC- 476 AD)

Spear & Shield

From the establishment of the Achaemenid Empire in 550BC to the fall of Rome in 476AD, this era spans the period of Greek Hoplites, Roman Legions, Macedonian conquests, and the numerous invading Germanic Tribes. Find our popular Alexander and Julius Caesar miniatures in this range.

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Dark Ages (476-1066 AD)

Under the Raven Banner

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire saw the time warlords and evolution into feudal societal structures. This is the era of Charlemagne's Carolingian Franks, the Byzantine Empire, Saxon Migrations, and the emergence of the Kyivan Rus. Emerging from the mists of the Northern Sea, the Vikings raid under their raven Banners.

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Age of Chivalry: Wars of Faith and Honor

From the Norman Conquests to the Hussite Wars, this era saw famous conflicts such as the 100 Years War, Crusades in the Baltics & Levant, and the fierce conflicts in Eastern Europe against the emergent Ottoman Empire. Discover our extensive range of figures from this period.

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1492-1898 AD

Imperial Age

From Columbus's discovery of the New World and the Age of Exploration that it would spark, this is also the era of empire building. From the Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs and Incas to the collapse of the Spanish Empire with the loss of the Spanish American War, this era covers a multitude of wars. Napoleon's rise to power and his attempt to establish a European empire to the establishment and near destruction of the United States. Sundered Union, Studio Historia's American Civil War range is part of this era.

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Modern Era

The Boer War and the Russo Japanese War previewed the horrors of modern warfare that would explode across the world in 1914 with the start of the Great War. The war to end all wars sadly did not, and the 2nd Sino-Japanese War (War of Resistance) and the German invasion of Poland sparked World War II. Our ranges of models from this era include our Gates of Fire: War in the Balkans, and our upcoming release of Sons of Yamato: Imperial Japanese Army.

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