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Reconquista War Host of El Cid

Reconquista War Host of El Cid

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Includes 1 Mounted Warlord (Alvar); 8 Mounted Hearth Guard, 8 Mounted Warriors with Javelins, 8 Foot Armored Spearmen (Random), 8 Dismounted Knights. 8 Foot Unarmored Warriors, 12 Levy Bowman, 12 Levy Javelin Men, 12 Crossbowman. Bonus: Mounted Standard Bearer, El Cid Mounted, Priest with the Cross.

28mm Scale. Product is made in high quality Studio Historia Blended resin, flexible and detailed. Product is not intended for children. Model comes unpainted. 19 Mounted Figures and 61 Foot Figures. Includes Free International Shipping.

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