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Nate Feyma

Krevarian Dragoon Squad with Ammit Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Krevarian Dragoon Squad with Ammit Infantry Fighting Vehicle

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The face of the Krevarian military is the Dragoon - mobile armored infantry ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. The fortress-cities of Krevar are few and far between, and so Dragoon formations form the rapid-reaction force, mobilizing to counter incursions at a moment’s notice.

The Ammit IFV is a lightweight tracked vehicle used by Krevarian Mounted Dragoons to keep up with armored formations. Relatively quick and well armored for its size, the Ammit is unfortunately quite cramped for the number of troops it is expected to ferry. The result is a need for auxiliary support vehicles to support Dragoon formations on extended patrols.

The Ammit kit comes with a variety of weapons options: Multi-laser, heavy bolt gun, flame thrower, and stub machinegun. Weapons can be magnetized with a ⅛” or 3mm round magnet. 

The Dragoon Squad is composed of 10 man squad. 9 infantry figures armed with las rifles including one figure with a radio pack, and one squad leader equipped with a close combat sword and las pistol. Dragoon Special Weapons Infantry Packs are available separately to bolster the squad.     

This is an all resin kit. 28mm Scale (1/56). Product is not intended for children and contains small parts. Some assembly required. 

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