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Nate Feyma

Kli-San Main Battle Tank

Kli-San Main Battle Tank

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The bulk of the Krevarian armored regiments are supplied with the venerable Kli-San battle tank - an archaic-looking design that is nonetheless a powerful armored vehicle well-respected by its crews.

This kit comes the main battle cannon, twin auto-cannons, and siege cannon for the main turret and the las-cannon, heavy bolt gun, and flamethrower options for the hull. Additional cannon options can be picked up in the Kli-San Weapons Upgrade Pack. The option with side sponsons includes heavy bolt gun, las-cannon, and flamethrower options for both sides of the vehicle.  

This is an all resin kit. 28mm Scale (1/56). Product is not intended for children and contains small parts. Some assembly required. 

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