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Kaledon Fortis Army Deal

Kaledon Fortis Army Deal

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Get a bundle deal and save money on the Print Mini's Kaledon Fortis Army. Included in this set is 

Agatha Storm

Command HQ: Commander, Medic, Standard Bearer, Communications

Squad 1: Sergeant, 7 Las Rifles, 1 Special Weapon (Grenade Launcher), 1 Radio Operator

Squad 2: Sergeant, 7 Las Rifles, 1 Special Weapon (Flamer), 1 Radio Operator

Phobos Main Battle Tank

Iron Stalker Walker

3 Heavy Weapons Teams: 1 Heavy Bolter Team, 1 Las Cannon Team, 1 Autocannon Team

If you want different Special Weapons or Heavy Weapons please let us know.

This is an all resin set. 28mm Scale (1/56). Product is not intended for children and contains small parts. Some assembly required. 

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