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Nate Feyma

Force Recon Deal: Staghound Scout Walker

Force Recon Deal: Staghound Scout Walker

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Force Recon Deal: Get 3 Staghound Scout Walkers and save some money. 

This two-man light scout walker is favored by Krevarian forces for its combination of speed, durability, and ease of operation. A modular design allows the vehicle to mount a variety of weapons and accessories, allowing it to easily be refit for changing battlefield needs. While intended for reconnaissance operations, Staghound crews often find themselves thrust into the thick of battle, where their vehicle’s ability to deploy heavy weapons into inhospitable terrain is a valuable asset.

The kit comes with a variety of weapons options: Multi-laser, autocannon, flame thrower, Lascannon, plasma cannon, and missile pods. Also comes with one manipulator arm option Weapons can be magnetized using ⅛” or 3mm round disks. 


This is an all resin kit. 28mm Scale (1/56). Product is not intended for children and contains small parts. Some assembly required. 

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