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Just Some Miniatures

Finnish Starter Army Deal

Finnish Starter Army Deal

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28mm (1/56) scale Winter War Finnish deal which includes figures sculpted by Just Some Miniatures & Night Sky Miniatures
i. HQ- Officer with 1 Attendant
ii. 2 Jääkäri Light Infantry Squad (11 Figures Each Squad)
iii. 1 Sissi Recon Squad (9 Figure Squad with Skis)
iv. 1 Medic
v. 1 Maxim Machine Gun Team (3 Figures and Maxim)
vi. 1 8cm Medium Mortar Team (3 Figures and Mortar)
vii. 1 Sniper Team (2 Figure Team)
viii. 1 Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Team (2 Figures)
ix. 1 F22 Field Artillery (8 Crew and Gun; 2 Ammo Crates)
x. Field Kitchen Scene with 3 figures and field kitchen.

Product is made in high quality Studio Historia Blended resin, flexible and detailed. Product is not intended for children

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