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Asgard Rising

Draugr Army Deal by Asgard Rising

Draugr Army Deal by Asgard Rising

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Jump into an army of undead Draugr and a necromancer wielding Valgadr magic by Asgard Rising. Save over 25% and till the end of September 2023, we will include decorative bases as a bonus item. 

  • Hofgothi, the Seer to represent a Valgaldr Caster
  • King Olaf & Bodyguard
  • 8 Draugr Barrow Guards
  • 8 Draugr Phalanx Warriors
  • 16 Draugr Skeleton Warriors
  • 12 Draugr Skeleton Archers
  • 8 Draugr Undead Riders
  • 8 Draugr Fallen Knights
  • Zmora, Harbinger of Death
  • Mara, Bringer of Nightmares
  • Barrows & Cairns Terrain Deal (Dolmon, Ancient Rune Stones, Cairn Entrance, 4 Ancient Graves)

Product is made in high quality Studio Historia Blended resin, flexible and detailed. Product is not intended for children. Note: Product does come with a bases till the end of September. Bases are normally a separate purchasable item. Printed under license. 

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