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Nate Feyma

Crocodile Flame Tank

Crocodile Flame Tank

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Based on the versatile Ammit chassis, the Crocodile and its variants provide close-range, quick-moving support to armored formations.

The Crocodile is armed with a vehicle-scale flamethrower and an optional fuel trailer. The Alligator trades the flamethrower for a pressurized spray cannon equally capable of spraying water or deadly chemicals. The Caiman equips a short-ranged but deadly fusion cannon.


This is an all resin kit. 28mm Scale (1/56). Product is not intended for children and contains small parts. Some assembly required. Contains the tank and parts for all three variants and the fuel trailer. The model is magnet ready to let you swap weapons. Use disk magnets (⅛” or 3mm) to swap weapons (not included).

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