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Nate Feyma

Balius Combat Strider

Balius Combat Strider

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Battle Striders make up a small but vital arm of the Krevarian military - a highly mobile walker corps specializing in assaulting terrain and fortifications difficult or impassable to traditional armor. A strider is full of advanced systems to ensure agility and balance, but the core of these systems is the Gravity Engine - a complex machine that can assist the walker in navigating soft or complex terrain or generate graviton lensing fields that are capable of deflecting incoming attacks.

The Balius is a standard-type main battle strider, well armed and protected. Its modular nature allows for easy adjustment to different mission profiles or crew preferences.


 The weapons and some articulations are designed for magnetization. You’ll want 3mm (⅛”) and 6mm (¼”) rare earth magnets to fully take advantage of the modular construction.

Armaments included:

Gun Arm (Repeating Long Gun, Triple Laser Cannon, Dual Fusion Cannon, Heavy Rotary Cannon)

Manipulator Arm (Rail Driver, Ripper Blade)

Chin Turret (Light Machinegun, Fusion Gun, Heavy Flamethrower, Pulse Laser, Rotor Cannon)

Hull Mount (Light Machinegun, Fusion Gun, Heavy Flamethrower)

Upper Turret (Twin Autocannon, Missile Battery, Rocket Pods)


This is an all resin kit. 28mm Scale (1/56). Product is not intended for children and contains small parts. Some assembly required. 

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