Collection: Exploration & Empires: The Imperial Age

1492-1898 AD
Columbus's discovery of the New World and the Age of Exploration that it would spark, this is also the era of empire building. From the Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs and Incas to the collapse of the Spanish Empire with the loss of the Spanish American War, this era covers a multitude of wars. Red Copper Miniatures excellent line of Aztecs and Tarascos, and soon to be released Inca and Conquistadors are a fantastic way to fight battles in the New World. The Thirty Years War was per capita the bloodiest conflict in Europe till World War II. Studio Historia has plans on expanding into this era.
Napoleon's rise to power and his attempt to establish a European empire affected the landscape of nations in the continent. Studio Historia carries many licenses in this era and we will be adding more product to accompany Rafal Polkowski's Grandy Duchy of Warsaw range. We are licensed to carry all of the Napoleonic STL range and our own Raphael's Napoleon in Egypt range. 
The American Revolution & Sevens Year War is another period we plan on exploring. We will also have plans on the Mexican American War, where the battles blooded the major players of the events that led to the near destruction of the nation. Sundered Union, Studio Historia's American Civil War range is part of this era, and we will continue supporting the growth of this range.